Monday, November 29, 2010

History of the European Athletics Championships

The statistic manual book “The History of the European Athletics Championships” includes the COMPLETE results, anecdotes, statistics and medals tables. The book provides an excellent overview of performences at the European Athletics Championships and the evolution of Athletics in Europe. This book also includes data about the youngest and oldest participants and medal winners and you can find an analysis of the performences of all EAA member countries at the championships. The book runs to nearly 1,200 pages and includes 700 pictures. It is written in Spanish and English.
History of the European Athletics Championships
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Mityngi z udziłem Gwen Torrence (1985-1997)

Aquí pueden encontrar la lista de Meetings de Gwen Torrence (1985-1997)
Here you can find Gwen’s meetings results (1985-1997)
Tutaj znajdziecie wyniki mitingów Gwen Torrence (1985-1997)
Hier können Sie die Ergebnisse des Wettbewerbs von Gwen Torrence finden (1985-1997)
Aqui você pode encontrar a lista de Meetings da Gwen Torrence (1985-1997)
Gwen Torrence and Gail Devers in Brussels 1996